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    Wed, Nov 20
    Cultural Unibes
    Julie Wein (PhD) is a guest speaker at Brain Space RIO2C Connections on the CREATIVITY AND MUSIC panel alongside singer Simoninha and journalist Hugo Sukman. Code 50% off: Julie50brainspace
  • The Musical Brain Rio2C 2019
    Sun, Apr 28
    City of Arts
    Julie Wein (PhD) is a guest Keynote speaker at Brain Space at one of the largest audiovisual innovation events in Latin America to talk about the effects of music on the brain, the subject of her PhD thesis
  • Lecture on music and the brain
    Fri, Mar 29
    University City
    Doctoral defense. Recognition of Temporo-Spatial Patterns of Human Auditory Cortex Response to Music.
  • Show at Solar do Cosme
    Thu, Aug 23
    Ascurra Slope, 124
    R$15 in advance and R$20 at the door
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