Julie is a Brazilian singer, actress, and instrumentalist. Ph.D. in Neuroscience and graduated in Biophysics at UFRJ. Acts in plays, musicals, and shows. Julie's first authorial CD with the participation of Ed Motta was released on all digital platforms by Biscoito Fino in April 2020. He debuted as a protagonist in the theater at the age of 14 in the play O Diário de Anne Frank at the Regina Vogue Theater. Today he acts in the theater and musical theater in Rio de Janeiro having as main works: "Dois Amores e um Bicho", "Contra o Vento - um musical", "Edypop", "Brilho da Noite" and "A Lenda do Vale da Lua" ”. She is a postdoc researcher at the D'Or Institute for Research and Education. Investigates the mechanisms by which the brain processes musical information.

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Presented since 2014 in cultural centers and houses such as Beco das Garrafas, TribOz, Centro Cultural Carioca, Casa do Choro (RJ), and MBP Conservatory of Curitiba (PR). Form a duo with the guitarist Pedro Franco and a duo with the pianist Gabriel Geszti. There is also a show of MPB, Samba, and Bossa Nova as a quartet.


In 2016 she performed in Europe as a guest singer at the International Festival Festina Lente alongside guitarist Marcelo Machado and in concert halls in Barcelona (Guzzo and Fizz). Participated in the arrangements by Mario da Silva at the invitation of Renato Piau on the CD "Parte de Mim".


He recorded a special participation at the invitation of Robertinho Silva on the CD Nascimento das Canções in honor of Milton Nascimento alongside the musicians Yamandu Costa, Carlos Malta, Bárbara Barcellos, Robertinho Silva and Alexandre Ito. He is Felipe Habib's assistant at Studio 88.


Main performances in Theater and Musical Theater:

Dois Amores e Um Bicho (2017) - SESC Copacabana - actress and musician (piano and cello);


Contra o Vento - um musicaos (2015-17) - CCBB RJ, Brasília and BH - singer, actress and instrumentalist (piano, bass and cello);


Edypop (2014) - Sérgio Porto Theater and Espaço Cultural Escola SESC - singer, actress and substitute pianist;


Brilho da Noite (2014-15) - SESC Copacabana and Teatro Café Pequeno - singer and keyboardist;


The Legend of Vale da Lua (2015-16) - (direction and dramaturgy by João das Neves, songs by Chico César) - Oi Futuro Flamengo - actress, singer and instrumentalist (accordion and cello).


Pai (2017) - (Text: Adriana Falcão and Luiz Estellita Lins. Direction: Cássia Villasbôas) - SESC Copacabana - vocal preparation “Help”.


Ten days that shook the world (2017) - (Text: John Reed. Direction: Luiz Fernando Lobo) - Companhia Ensaio Aberto (Armazém da Utopia) - vocal trainer.


Ayrton Senna - the musical (2017) - (Text: Claudio Lins and Cristiano Gualda. Direction: Renato Rocha) - Teatro Riachuelo - vocal maintenance.

Principais atuações no Teatro e Teatro Musical:

Dois Amores e Um Bicho (2017-2020) – SESC Copacabana, Teatro Glauce Rocha e Festival Itaú Cultural Arte Como Respiro – atriz e musicista (piano e violoncelo);

Contra o Vento – um musicaos (2015-17) – CCBB RJ, Brasília e BH – cantora, atriz e instrumentista (piano, baixo e violoncelo);


Edypop (2014) – Teatro Sérgio Porto e Espaço Cultural Escola SESC – cantora, atriz e pianista substituta;


Brilho da Noite (2014-15) – SESC Copacabana e Teatro Café Pequeno  – cantora e tecladista;


A Lenda do Vale da Lua (2015-16) – (direção e dramaturgia de João das Neves, músicas de Chico César) – Oi Futuro Flamengo – atriz, cantora e instrumentista (acordeon e violoncelo).


Pai (2017) – (Texto: Adriana Falcão e Luiz Estellita Lins. Direção:  Cássia Villasbôas) – SESC Copacabana – preparação vocal “Help”.

Dez dias que abalaram o mundo (2017) – (Texto: John Reed. Direção: Luiz Fernando Lobo) – Companhia Ensaio Aberto (Armazém da Utopia) - preparadora vocal.

Ayrton Senna - o musical (2017) – (Texto: Claudio Lins e Cristiano Gualda. Direção: Renato Rocha) - Teatro Riachuelo - manutenção vocal.

Canto Cego (2019) – (musical. Direção: Luiz Fernando Lobo) – Companhia Ensaio Aberto (Armazém da Utopia) - preparadora vocal.


Age: 28 (10/8/1991)

Hometown: Curitiba

Current city: Rio de Janeiro

DRT: 28.145 / PR

OMB: 19,680



PhD at UFRJ in Cognitive Neurosciences. Graduated in Biophysics at UFRJ with specialization in Neuroscience of Emotions and Music.

Studied with Romildo Weingartner and Iura Ranevsky (cello), Gabriel Gezsti, Analaura de Souza Pinto and Rafael Vernet (piano), Marcelo Caldi (accordion), Marcelo Rodolfo, Amelia Rabello and Felipe Habib (singing), Bernardo Ramos (joint practice) , Itiberê Zwarg (Universal Music Workshops).

He integrated several choirs in childhood and adolescence, such as Brasileirinho, Sion and Curumim. In the theater he had as mentors the actor Luis Melo ("The Creative Actor") and Clarisse Abujamra ("Body, voice and Thought"). As a teenager, he joined the amateur theater group Encena Sion for four years. He studied cinema with Luciano Coelho ("Screenplay for Cinema") and Tom Lisboa ("History of Cinema").

He received a scholarship from the Jaime Axôra School of Ipanema, has fluency in ballroom dance rhythms (Salsa, Zouk, Tango, Bolero, Gafieria and Forró).

Alexander's Technical Studies with Gabriela Geluda (body and voice). His body work was developed by Rocio Infante (Movement Awareness and Contemporary Dance; Faculdade Angel Vianna).