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Against the Wind (a song)
CCBB RJ, BH and Brasília from April to September 2015
Baden Powell Room, May 2016 and FITA 2016
SESC 2017 Winter Circuit and Festival

Julie Wein performs in the musical Against the Wind as a singer, actress and instrumentalist. Character: Laura. Instruments: solo voice, piano, bass and cello.


A show based on the (fictional) diary of a former resident of Solar da Fossa, a legendary pension that housed fundamental names in the art and thought of our country that emerged in the 1960s. The soundtrack, composed especially for the show, is performed by actors.

The order in which the story will be played may change each day depending on the audience's choice.


Direction: Felipe Vidal
Text: Daniela Pereira de Carvalho
Cast: Adassa Martins, Clarisse Zarvos, Felipe Antello, Guilherme Miranda, Guilherme Stutz, Izak Dahora, Jefferson Almeida, Julia Bernat, Julie Wein, Laura Becker, Leonardo Corajo, Luciano Moreira, Tainá Nogueira, Ana Moura.


Duration: 150 minutes


Photo: Chico Lima

Photo: Chico Lima

Photos: Renato Mangolin

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