PhD in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) Morphological Sciences Program, ICB / IDOR (2015-2019). CNPq fellow. Graduated from UFRJ in Biological Sciences: Biophysics, with an emphasis on Systems Biophysics (2014). Master's skipped. Collaborates in the research lines of the D'Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) since 2011, being four years as a Scientific Initiation student and four years as a PhD student. He did two years of Scientific Initiation at the Laboratory of Neurophysiology II of Biophysics (CNPq Scholarship). Attended two years of Astronomy at UFRJ (2009-2011). Has experience in Neuroimaging, with emphasis on Computational Neuroscience, Emotions and Music. She works with the programming languages Matlab and R. She is currently a post-doc researcher at IDOR-RJ.


Voluntary Enhancement of Neural Signatures of Affiliative Emotion Using fMRI Neurofeedback

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Blame-rebalance fMRI neurofeedback in major depressive disorder: A randomized proof-of-concept trial


- Graduated with Academic Dignity, Magna cum laude, UFRJ.
- Honorable Mention, II Meeting of Sciences and Cognition.

- Best Work at the Health Sciences Center, XXXIV Giulio Massarani Day of Scientific, Technological, Artistic and Cultural Initiation - UFRJ
- Honorable mention. Juarez Aranha Ricardo Award, SBNeC
- Best Work of its Session, XXXIII Giulio Massarani Day of Scientific, Artistic and Cultural Initiation at UFRJ.
- Honorable Mention., II Week of Graduation in Biophysics at UFRJ.